2013 ASX Announcements


18/11/2013 Company Secretary Appointment  
18/11/2013 Annual General Meeting Presentation  
08/11/2013 66 metre drill intersection grading 3.1 G/T gold at Mahale  
29/10/2013 September Quarterly Activities Report  
29/10/2013 September 2013 Quarterly Presentation  
24/10/2013 Conference Call September Quarterly  
16/10/2013 Macquarie Western Australian Forum Investor Presentation  
15/10/2013 Revised Life of Mine Plan for Edikan Gold Mine  
14/10/2013 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  
14/10/2013 Annual Report to Shareholders  
9/10/2013 Reporting Dates for Life of Mine Plan and Quarterly Report  
23/09/2013 Board Changes  
19/09/2013 Denver Gold Forum 2013 Presentation  
18/09/2013 Edikan Gold Mine Operations Update  
17/09/2013 High Grade Gold Results From Cote D'Ivoire  
6/09/2013 Annual General Meeting Notice  
30/08/2013 FY 2013 Results Summary  
30/08/2013 2013 Annual Management Discussion and Analysis  
30/08/2013 Statutory Annual Financial Report 2013  
15/07/2013 Presentation: Review of June Quarter 2013  
15/07/2013 June Quarterly Activity Report  
15/07/2013 Conference Call Quarterly Results  
03/07/2013 Production at Edikan Gold Mine  
27/06/2013 28m at 8.1g/t at Mbengué in Côte d’Ivoire  
24/06/2013 Edikan Update  
13/05/2013 March 2012 Management's Discussion and Analysis  
13/05/2013 March 2012 Consolidated Interim Financial Statements  
19/04/2013 March 2013 Quarterly Report   
19/04/2013 Presentation: Review of March Quarter 2013  
17/04/2013 March 2013 Quarterly Activity Report Conference Call  
5/03/2013 Operations Update EGM Gold Production on Track  
27/02/2013 BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference Presentation  
15/02/2013 Consolidated Interim Financial Statements. December 2012 Quarter  
15/02/2013 Management's Discussion and Analysis. December 2012 Quarter  
15/02/2013 Half Year Accounts  
15/02/2013 Half Year Results and Guidance Presentation  
15/02/2013 Half Year Results Announcement and Production Guidance  
13/02/2013 Half Year Financial Results, MD&A and 2013 Production Guidance Conference Call  
22/01/2013 Review of December 2012 Quarter Presentation  
21/01/2013 December 2012 Quarterly Activities Report  
21/01/2013 Perseus Mining Appoints New Managing Director  
18/01/2013 December 2012 Quarterly Activity Report Conference Call  
 02/01/2013 Edikan Gold Mine Production Update


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